Bar None Auto Loan Financing a Misleading Advertisement

Bar None Auto Loan Financing a Misleading Advertisement

What happened to me when I went to Bar None for an auto loan. Their commercials advertise they will approve anyone with bad credit.

This is my personal review of Bar None auto Financing company. I called their number and had an approved credit check from the telephone representative. I was instructed to go to their dealership in Westminster, Colorado. When I came in, they made me feel out a credit application all over again.

As the salesman entered my information in his computer, he turned me down because I was on disability and my eight hundred dollar a month income was not good enough. I was willing to trade in my old car, and put down a thousand dollars cash toward a used car.

Their commercials are misleading, as they promise to loan to anyone with bad credit. In fact my credit is very good. They said I would only get a loan, if I made twelve hundred dollars a month and only considered work income. They were also very cold and insensitive.

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4 Comments, posted this comment on Jan 27th, 2009

I’m sorry to hear you were denied a loan, but it sounds like you were denied due to low income and not due to bad credit. I don’t think its fair to say the commercials are misleading if the reason they turned you down was not based on your credit history…

Mike, posted this comment on Apr 2nd, 2009

Bar None. Not Bar None if you make enough. The general information from simply states credit is not an issue. I think it is completely fair to say they are misleading.

carshopperNY, posted this comment on Jun 11th, 2009

As reported this doesn’t sound misleading to me either. The lender still has guidelines which have to be met, and if they are going to be more lenient on credit status it sounds fair to require a certain debt/income ratio. If the only income being reported is $800/mo there can’t be much left after basic expenses.

Just Want an Answer, posted this comment on May 9th, 2010

Does anyone know od a good company to use for getting auto loan w bad credit?

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